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Paintless Paintball Shooting Gallery

All the Fun without the Pain and Paint

Test your shooting skills and speed, hit the lighted target with paint ball guns shooting paintless paintballs and score points. Comes with timed targets, paintless paintballs, paintball guns, safety face masks, and scoreboard. Our electronic inflatable games combine graphic inflatable units with a state-of-the-art electronic target system. Truly the most unique and challenging inflatable shooting gallery available today!

25' x 12' x 12' Custom Arena
2- Tippmann FT-12 or Model 98 markers with 200 rd hopper
500- Paintless Paintballs
10- Electronic Targets( 5 for each side of the arena)
2- Electronic Score Boards


The Shooting Range requires a relatively flat area 20' x 40' with at least 12' of overhead clearance. It needs to be within 100 feet of 1/ 20 amp electrical outlet. We prefer to set the inflatable up on grass but concrete or asphalt are acceptable as well. Sticks and rocks must be cleared from the area before we arrive. This unit can be set up indoors.

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Paintless Paintball Shooting Gallery

Paintless Paintball Shooting Gallery

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