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Trackless Train

A Train Party at YOUR Home? - All Aboard!

Who doesn't like a train? Our train, literally, has all the bells and whistles. A real air horn, train sounds, flashing lights and a headlight. Without the limitation of tracks we can go anywhere you want as long as the surface is a fairly level grass or a paved surface. (For safety's sake no steep grades please) Tour the party site, take a lap around the block, take a plant tour or shuttle your guests from the parking lot; it's up to you.

The train is powered by a powerful locomotive and pulls 3 cars and can take up to 18 passengers. Our trained engineers will make sure you have a pleasurable, safe ride.

Parks or public streets may require a permit. Please check with your local authorities for any permit requirements. Permit fees (if required) are the responsibility of the client.

Have a Trackless Train Party

Trackless Train parties are a blast. We will bring the "guest of honor" a present with a Conductor's Hat, a wooden train whistle and a red bandana. Each guest will get a plastic train whistle. You can make railroad crossing signs out of paint stirrers from your local home improvement store, buy a train cake at most of the larger grocery stores, and don't forget to send train tickets out with the party invitations.

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Trackless Train

Trackless Train

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Trackless Train Party

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