Leaps and Bounds

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Leaps and Bounds

Have you ever thought you need to test your Ninja skills? Laser Sporting has the piece for you.
Contestants experience the Big Red Balls made famous by the popular TV show Wipeout?
Leaps & Bounds is the way to do it! With the Leaps and Bounds interactive course you’re going to get your chance.
This game features a series of four giant inflatable balls which challengers must leap across to reach the other side. 
Climb up the ladder to the platform high above ball pit.
Cross the course by leaping to the first ball
Leap to the second ball
Leap to the third ball
Bound to the third ball
Leap to the outside wall
Slide down slide and
Enjoy the victory!!!!
But don’t worry if you fall off, the floor of the pit is protected by a super-soft landing cushion featuring the air bag technology.

Other names for this product: Wipeout X-treme Ball Run, big red balls, wipe out, leaps-n-bounds, leaps n bounds

Throughput of 60 guests per hour
Required space: 39' × 21' × 12'
Requires (2) 20A/110V electrical outlets
Weight Per Person: 250 lbs
Occupancy Max: 1 (leaping at a time)
Operator(s) Required: 1 (not provided)

$800 for first 4 hours/ $100 per additional h


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