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Paintless Paintball Shooting Gallery

<h2>All the Fun without the Pain and Paint For Sale</h2>

Test your shooting skills and speed, hit the lighted target with paint ball guns shooting paintless paintballs and score points. Comes with timed targets, paintless paintballs, paintball guns, safety face masks, and scoreboard. Our electronic inflatable game combines graphic inflatable units with a state-of-the-art electronic target system. Truly the most unique and challenging inflatable shooting gallery available today!

25' x 12' x 12' Custom Arena
2- Tippmann FT-12 or Model 98 markers with 200 rd hopper
500- Paintless Paintballs
10- Electronic Targets( 5 for each side of the arena)
2- Electronic Score Boards

Shooting gallery
pole joust

Pole Joust

Try the Pole Joust. Challenge anyone. Balancing on the padded pole adds a distinctive challenge to this friendly combat. But don’t worry, the large inflatable air mattress will soften the fall to those who don’t survive the challenge. (Yes, the guys pictured may be a slight mismatch. The guy on the left is 7’2” and the other guy is 4’10”.)
Add one to your next event.
A relatively flat area approx. 20' x 20' is required. One 120V - 20 Amp circuit is required.
Nearly New.


Four station Bungee Tramopoline

Our bungee trampoline power jumper is guaranteed to thrill kids of all ages!! Jump 20+ feet in the air while you show off your back flip, front flip, and other acrobatic moves.
The bungee trampoline has become a "must have" at festivals so don't miss out, reserve it today! Our bungee trampoline comes with 4 trained attendants to guarantee safety and maximize fun, and of course we are fully insured and licensed.


Twist N Spin

Twist and Spin or Sit and Spin whatever you call it, we call it FUN.

Your force self propels this spinning ride. You sit, you spin! Great for kids and adults. Up to four people can power this machine.

Fun for everyone!


Water Balloon Battle

Two stations and water balloon filler


Toxic Meltdown Junior

Toxic Meltdown is a game for the whole family to play, but what happens when the kids just want to have fun with other kids? Then… Toxic Meltdown Junior to the rescue!

After seeing the huge success Toxic Meltdown has been, here at Galaxy we couldn’t wait to create the same concept but for children only, and that’s how Toxic Meltdown Junior was born.

A fun, entertaining game, to bring the kids laughter -and tiredness-, extremely safe, light and easy to transport, just as any of our multi ride systems.

This system needs two 20 amp circuits.

Dunk Tank

Isn't it about time to dunk your Teacher, Boss, Pastor, Mayor, or friends in 500 gallons of water? Let us deliver this huge dunk tank to your party or event. All you need is a level surface and a hose, we'll take care of the rest. Two target sizes and balls included.




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