Hoop Shoot

Hoop Shoot

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Hoop Shoot Inflatable

Basketball Hoop Shoot

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Try the Hoop Shoot. Three games in one package. Actually, the only limit to any combination is your imagination! This game includes four regulation-size basketballs that can be used in variety of ways. For starters, individuals can have a three-hoop shoot off with three hoops at different levels- Two identical hoops can either be staggered at 10-and 12- foot levels or parallel at either level, and if you can't get the basketball through those hoops, dunk the ball in the center inflatable hoop. To add some fierce competition into the game, it's easy to remove the center hoop and challenge your opponent in a side by side shooting match. This game has proven to be one the most addictive and keeps you coming back for "just one more" shot!

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